Download Restrict Content Pro 3.0 Untouched Zipped file for your WordPress website.

Whats new

  • Warning: Version 3.0 requires PHP version 5.6 or higher. Please do not upgrade unless you meet these requirements.
  • Modified template files: card-update-form.php, invoice.php, paypal-express-confirm.php, register.php, register-single.php, register-total-details.php, subscription.php, woocommerce-single-no-access.php
  • New: Membership data has been migrated to custom tables. This sets the foundation for supporting multiple memberships per user in the future. You will be prompted to migrate your data after upgrading.
  • New: Added a batch processing API.
  • New: Added support for payment plans.
  • New: You can now restrict content to multiple user roles through the “restrict this content” meta box.
  • New: You can now restrict content to custom user roles when using the [restrict] shortcode.
  • New: Memberships can now be sorted by expiration date.
  • New: The “Auto Add Users to Level” setting has been added to the system info file.
  • New: The PayPal Express confirmation screen has been updated to include additional information, including discounts, fees, and credits.
  • New: object_id is now supported in RCP_Payments::count().
  • New: Original join dates are now stored (in the wp_rcp_customers table).
  • New: “Prevent Account Sharing” setting now accepts a maximum number of simultaneous connections.
  • New: When a user account is deleted, associated recurring subscriptions are now automatically cancelled.
  • Tweak: “Subscription Levels” have been renamed to “Membership Levels”.
  • Tweak: “Free Content Message” and “Paid Content Message” have been merged into one single “Restricted Content Message” setting.
  • Tweak: The Stripe API library has been updated.
  • Tweak: The “Email IPN Report” feature has been removed.
  • Tweak: Our login functions now use wp_signon(). This allows greater support for third party plugins that integrate with the login system, such as Jetpack Protect.
  • Tweak: The invoice template has been expanded to include fees, discounts, and credits that were applied to that payment.
  • Tweak: The login link text in the registration template has been adjusted.
  • Tweak: Improved error messaging when adding/updating membership levels fails.
  • Fix: Password reset links will now work with SendGrid click tracking.
  • Fix: RCP user meta is now removed during uninstall.
  • Fix: The payment_id column name in the wp_rcp_payment_meta table has been renamed to rcp_payment_id. This fixes a conflict with the Give plugin.
  • Fix: The admin bar is no longer hidden for users who have the “edit_posts” capability.
  • Fix: Under certain circumstances it was possible for rcp_get_ip() to return a CSV of IP addresses instead of a single IP.
  • Fix: Databases are now registered when switching sites on multisite.
  • Fix: Fixed a DateTime::__construct() fatal error in when signing up for a free trial.
  • Fix: In the wp_rcp_payments table, the following column types have been updated: id (now unsigned), object_id (now unsigned), user_id (changed from mediumint to bigint(20) and now unsigned).