Advanced Custom Fields Pro 5.7.13 — ACF

Download Advanced Custom Fields Pro 5.7.13 Untouched Zipped file for your WordPress website

What’s New
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing issues with registered fields during `switch_to_blog()`.
  • Fix – Fixed bug preventing sub fields from being reused across multiple parents.
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing the `get_sub_field()` function to fail if a tab field exists with the same name as the selected field.
  • Fix – Fixed bug corrupting field settings since WP 5.1 when instructions contain `< a target=”” >`.
  • Fix – Fixed bug in Gutenberg where custom metabox location (acf_after_title) did not show on initial page load.
  • Fix – Fixed bug causing issues when importing/syncing multiple field groups which contain a clone field.
  • Fix – Fixed bug preventing the AMP plugin preview from working.
  • Dev – Added new ‘pre’ filters to get, update and delete meta functions.
  • i18n – Update Turkish translation
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